2016 Travel Season

The 2016 Travel Season was one of New Beginnings, with our 8U travel team, coached by Pat McBride,  playing an exciting an competitive season in the Empire State Baseball League.  The 11u team, coached by Scott Dongelewic,  continued their strong play all Season, finishing 2nd in the Patriotic Pursuit tournament in Delaware and winning the ENYTB June Madness tournament.

the 2017 Travel Season Starts April 15th with 5 teams playing at Spring Youth Baseball...All home games can be found on the Spring Youth Baseball Calendar.  If you want a full Schedule go to the Empire State Baseball Leagues schedule

8U American West Spring Renegades coached by Pat McBride and Dan Budka 8u National Spring Renegades coached by Ryan Handerhan 10u American East Spring Renegades Coached by Kevin Behan and Steve Kraz 10u National Team coached by Zak Paul and Mark Galuski 12u American East Spring Renegades Coached by Scott Dongelewicz and Kalven Jenkins