Field Rental

For the Fall 2017 season Spring Youth Baseball will be renting field space to interested organizations at a rate of 75$ for day games and $100 for a night game. Any interested Parties must;
  • Submit a refundable money order of $100 for the Duration of the season. this will be returned at the end of the season in the event of damages to the field, violation of the agreement,  Violation of Code of Conduct while at Spring Youth Baseball
  • agree to rent the fields for 8 games
  • Submit 2 possible days and times  you would like to play games [Fields will Primarily be rented on Fridays and Sundays, other requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis].
  • Once received, reviewed and approved a board member will respond with day/time slot you can provide your scheduler
  • submit a roster of players for interested team
    • NOTE: Any team that have players that have debts to Spring Youth Baseball or its creditors, will have a surcharge applied
  • The Renter is responsible for Umpire fees, Baseballs, Field preparation and closing, The field if you are the last game of the day.
    • NOTE: There will be a mandatory meeting in early April for a coach or parent to review expectations
  • Be aware we will make efforts to schedule your games around existing Spring Games so the concession stand is Open but this is not a guarantee.
  • ½ of Payment is due  when you submit your final roster and play dates
    • 2nd ½ of payment is due before 1st game
Spring Youth Baseball Agrees to;
  • Coordinate Scheduling of Umpires as requested
  • alert the renter within 24 hours in the event a game has to be cancelled

We look forward to see you at the Fields, Thank You for supporting community based  baseball

Questions Contact:  Jim Francis or Sean Tuckey The team wide shot 6-5-2011 5-24-10 PM